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For all the loyal subscribers and readers of my blog, Midlife in Maine, I’m sorry to announce its demise.  I will be leaving its pages up and running for those who might enjoy learning more about living in rural Maine, but I will no longer be adding new posts.

As of March 8 2017, we have moved overseas to Israel and now live in the Galilee.  Our wonderful Maine house remains for sale, and it is currently available for rent for vacationers.  If you might be interested in renting out our Maine house in the woods, please feel free to contact me via this blog.  For pictures, please look at

If you would like to continue enjoying my (true) tales of adventure as we settle into this newest journey, I will be creating a new blog, Midlife in Israel, which will begin in April 2017.

Until then, may all your adventures, whether virtual or real-time,  be happy and fulfilling.

— Midlife in Maine