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Post-Election: A Teaching Moment

Here is what I told my children, in hopes that they’d tell my grandchildren:

I hope that they view this as a teaching moment for their children. Because it is very very hard to be on the losing end. But even when you are on the losing end, you must promptly show gratitude to those around you, especially those who worked so hard on your behalf; have the courage to be gracious towards the winner even if it’s painful for you; acceptance of din (judgement/results), and do so with grace – – because that is what makes a great person great, not winning or losing.

If you believe in something, fight for it. There are no unanswered prayers, but the answer might be “not now.”

And if you’re on the winning end, realize it’s not only about you. Graciously acknowledge your opponent’s struggle in the midst of your own victory, and those who were part of your team.  And yes, the janitor who emptied the wastebasket full of tossed coffee cups is part of your team.

Also: words are powerful, and difficult to take back.  When the election is long behind us, we will still remember the friend or neighbor who called us horrible names (or perhaps we were guilty ourselves of doing that) because we didn’t share the same opinion on whom should be elected President.  Was losing control of ourselves really worth a previously amicable relationship that may forever be soured?  At the end of the day, it’s not our President who we will see in the store, in the post office, or across the fence.  It was your neighbor who came when your house had a fire, brought you supper when your spouse died, or helped you shovel your driveway.  Will they come now, or will they forever associate you with angry words?