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Atop Sabbatus (again)

sabbatus1Sometimes I just feel like getting out there, but don’t really have time for a full-blown hike.  We had lots of chores to attend to around the house, and by the time most were complete it was already late in the afternoon.  That’s when we headed to Sabbatus, which is only 5 or 6 miles from our home. It’s an easy uphill loop hike of 1.4 miles total, but the grade is enough to get my heart beating and make my breath short.  The view at the top is always inspiring (two weeks from now it will look entirely different as autumn paints the leaves red, orange and gold).  It was comforting to go there on the anniversary of 9/11, and to be surrounded by peace and beauty.  It made me wonder why anyone would choose violence and hatred and dissent and terror over serenity, peace, beauty, unity and love.  It helped me forget the vitriol and negative emotion that our current US elections have inspired.  For those few minutes, I had no bills to pay, no paperwork to clean up.  Just for a moment, in that wide expanse, no one was sick or hurt and all was well with the world.

May it be only be so!


Autumn: Here and There

Stevens Road (click on photos to enlarge)

My spouse works very hard and long hours from home, which unfortunately leaves him little time to explore many of the wonders where we live during the weekday.  Therefore Sundays become a day for leisurely drives, and weather permitting, hikes or bike rides.  Many times we’ll take one of the numerous dirt side roads without a destination in mind, just for the sake of exploring.  Who knew such glories existed 100′ from the main road?

The view from Shave Hill

from Sabbatus Trail to the top of Sabbatus Mountain

Sabbatus Mountain

Sabbatus Mountain