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Happy Anniversary

Our 36th wedding anniversary was last month.  It’s a good thing our kids gave us a present, because otherwise neither my husband nor I would have remembered it.


Our children bought us this hand-made challah board crafted from solid maple and walnut from an artisan in Montana.

Our forgetfulness marking epic occasions is legendary, so neither of us takes offense about forgotten birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  We do try to remember our grandchildren’s and children’s special days, but some celebrate on the Hebrew date and others celebrate on the English date (lunar vs. Gregorian calendar) so it gets pretty confusing and just plain hopeless.  Don’t tell me computer calendars are reliable – – first you have to enter the information.

I’ve never been big on presents:  if I see something I like for someone I love, I simply buy it and give it .  Usually this does not coincide with that person’s birthday or anniversary or graduation or whatever.  Ok, I’m not a sentimentalist.  But mostly when I do give something to someone, it’s on the mark.

One year I was absolutely determined to remember our wedding anniversary.  All day long a loud subconscious voice kept yelling in my ear, “ANNIVERSARY!  ANNIVERSARY!” but as the day went on, the voice got softer and softer until I could no longer hear it at all.  At 5 pm my husband called to say he would be home late and that’s when I realized, “#$%! I forgot to buy a card for our anniversary!”  (Yes, I’m sorry to say, a card is as imaginative as I got.)

Quickly I ran to the car and drove to Wal Mart, and bought a “Happy Anniversary” card.  Breathless, I raced home, hoping only that I would beat my husband home from work.

He came home a few minutes after I did.  I was pretty surprised when he greeted me with, “Happy Anniversary!” and handed me a card (okay, so neither of us are terribly original or creative when celebrations are thrust upon us).

“You remembered!” I said, smiling.  I handed him my card.

We opened our cards at the same time.

They were the same card!

“I was on my way home from work,” my husband explained, “and I realized, ‘sheesh! I forgot our anniversary!’  So I quickly got off the freeway and went to the Wal Mart and picked out this card.”

We must have missed each other by only a few minutes!

I guess, thirty-six nearly forgotten years later, that’s what you call “bashert.”