Yes. This is Us.

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  1. Where are you moving? I dread going to Ohio in a couple weeks (12 hr drive with a cracked spine awaiting the worst operation at the CClinic) and trying to figure how to sell, pack, etc. after it flooded and has been repaired after Mother and Daddy died …. horrid 3 years … where to move on limited finances now, and I’ll probably be going without my best buddy (22 pound 15 year old Shih Tzu) who is very ill today breaking my heart. So …. back to you, where are YOU moving?


    • More about our move in future blogs… Best of luck on your move. My daughter moved to Ohio a few weeks ago and they like it very much – she says people are friendly and kind – I hope you have similarly good experiences there.


      • Thanks. It was our family home for 42 years (along with a beach house south) having moved from Ca. from Charlotte, etc., and we’ve had good neighbors move five times over from each house around us (job transfers, etc, ,,, not due to having us as neighbors … : ) I love the little town; yet, honestly, my new neighbor is young, superficial (not at all like the town of Hudson, but a Hudson “wannabe” from the wrong perspective). I send very nice $$$ monthly gifts to her family just to keep an eye on the house which they seem to have misinterpreted when watering plants that all died would have been nice (I can no longer afford, but still do – nolife insurance left to me, no wc when I had to leave my job after being knocked down and split my spine changing my life forever …) and she sends me monthly to weekly FYI emails like you have 2 shutters on your front lawn (where we would have picked them up – even put them up for neighbors), neighbors are asking when you are returning (She runs all over the neighbothood stirring the pot….), your fence is falling down, your flower gardens have weeds after I gave her WEEDERS Daddy’s car in exchange for work, and they split w/o doing it (so I had 40 years of gardens cut down I lovingly planted with my parents – even my Dad through chemo ….), etcetcetc….When I do return, I’ll either be a happy hermit while there with all I have to do in the house after it flooded (and after extensive spine surgery at the Cleveland Clinic) …. or someone is going to run all over the neighborhood as someone does saying I hurt her feelings (finally).

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