Walking and Rocking

The last few days have been torture.  Not because it was too cold (not that -31 F with wind chill factored in is fun, but you can always dress for cold), but because the unceasing, extremely high winds meant that there were lots of flying debris outside, making it unsafe to walk through the woods.  My very strong, fortress-built home actually shook and rattled for three days nonstop; the wind howled and often woke me up at night.  Lots of trees down (nothing major on our property, thankfully). Fortunately we were unaffected by any power outages since our house is run on batteries and we do have a back-up generator if necessary.

While “housebound,” I used the time to cook, bake and clean.  I did a little strength training with dumbbells but really my body just did not get the necessary amount of exercise and boy, did I feel blah.  My old bones and muscles were stiff; I  needed to move.  Fortunately today the sun came out, the wind died down, and I was able to go for a 4-mile walk (it was a pleasant, sunny 20 degrees F).  Unusual for me, since I prefer listening to the sounds of nature,  I walked with headphones plugged into Adele.   And suddenly, I don’t know, the music just took over.  I started jogging, then skipping, which segued into dancing.  There I was, this grey-haired grandmother, bundled up in Polartec and looking like a penguin, and I’m jumping, twirling, turning, high-stepping, and rocking out on my country road, just me and Adele.  And here is what is great:  I felt totally free. No one was around.  The trees didn’t think I was weird.  Oh, my kids would have thought me ready for the asylum had they seen me.  But it felt great.

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  1. Posted by m. f. la on January 22, 2016 at 3:20 am

    i never listened to adelle………..i must be missing something if she has the power to create such pure, unadulterated yes childlike joy, you described……: ) mf la


    • Actually mf adele’s songs are not “joyful” – in fact they are filled with angst and loss – – but they are powerful to the point that one’s soul is stirred. And once your heart and soul are opened, if you just go with it (and the syncopation of the beat), you do feel a sort of redemptive release, and that is what then brings joy.


  2. Posted by Rose on January 22, 2016 at 3:55 am

    Beautiful post. And somehow I thought why it is not more often like this. Why we have so many conventions and bans around us, in our heads but also in our communities which define people who are dancing in the woods as someone who is “ready for the asylum”. And why we are so rarely able to follow healthy instincts like dancing or living in a surroundinglike you do, in the countryside. Why most Jews have to spend their days in crowded cities under unhealthy – mentally and physically – conditions? Even in most cities in Israel the living conditions are far from healthy. You have to live in the countryside, but then you need a car to cross country to get to work. That’s why the merkaz is one huge highway… unhealthy, for us, for our kids and the future of our country.
    Keep on dancing!
    Shabbat Shalom –


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