It’s Bug Season!

It’s BUG SEASON in Maine!

(Likely from now thru June at its worst.)  Just spoke to my veterinarian today in Maine, who says lots of her animal patients are being diagnosed with Lyme disease. The long cold winter not only did NOT kill the tick population, it’s worse than ever this year. Unfortunately all the snow served as an insulating blanket to protect dormant ticks over the winter. According to experts, it would take 2 weeks of steady below-zero weather to hurt the tick population. Considering that Maine is an extremely underpopulated state, it’s pretty awful to know that there were 1300 newly diagnosed cases of Lyme disease in humans in Maine last year. Seventy percent of the 14 varieties of ticks in Maine carry Lyme disease.

Ever wonder why Mainers dress so modestly, even in summer, with legs and arms covered? Now you know!


To learn about how ticks are affecting the moose population in New Hampshire  click here:

Warning:  some graphic images.

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