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The Demise of Autumn

It’s getting colder!  I hung my laundry this morning at 8 a.m. and it was 19 degrees outside.  Fortunately I have fingerless gloves which allow for deft handling of  clothespins while keeping my hands warm. As I took an article of clothing from the top of the laundry basket and attached it to the clothesline, by the time I came back for the next piece of clothing, the damp pile in the basket that was waiting to be hung was already frozen.  I guess this is the true meaning of “freeze-dried” because despite the cold temperatures everything on the line dried quickly.  And the cool, crisp, fresh smell of mountain air, infused into my linens . . .  it sure beat the artificial scent of detergent!

The rest of the week the low will be 17 with a chance of snow showers.  The lakes and ponds are starting to ice over – – I’m sure the ice fishermen and snowmobilers are practically chomping at the bit for winter’s first serious storm, now that hunting season is (finally!) over.  Our neon orange vests will be put away until next Fall, now that we don’t have to worry about a hunter mistaking us for a deer, moose or bear.