Kezar Lake

The tourists are gone and Kezar Lake is buttoned up for the approach of winter.  I knew I was running out of time to go kayaking, so last week I went to the boat landing just up the road from my house, for a last, short afternoon paddle.  It’s a good thing I did.  Rain, snow and sleet are expected this week and the temperature tonight will be 16 degrees F.  Soon the lake will be iced over, but even now the frigid water makes paddling treacherous due to the possibility of hypothermia.  While I wasn’t expecting to capsize, I did stay awfully close to shore.  Other than a lone loon that followed my kayak for a few minutes, I had the lake to myself.  The penetrating quiet and glassy water made every stroke seem significant and exaggerated.  I had no destination in mind, and I was not in a hurry.  It was just about breathing in the fresh, crisp air; soaking in the golden, fading light; enjoying the moment; and savoring peace. 

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