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Election Eve: Who Should Win?

I was asked by the Town Clerk to show up at the Town Meeting Hall tomorrow, to help count ballots.  There are 238 residents in the town and that includes children, so we’re not talking a whole lot of ballots.  Still, it should be interesting.  My husband and I mailed in our absentee ballots a couple of weeks ago.

So many times in my lifetime, both in the US and in Israel, it has been clear to me that truly, politicians are puppets and G-d is pulling the strings. How else do we explain politicians who seemed so promising and then, once in office, reversed course so dramatically,unexpectedly, and even tragically? So yes, I will vote for a specific candidate during the presidential elections, but my prayer is not that so-and-so should win, but that ultimately whoever wins, may we merit that the winner be good for the Jewish people, and also that he best serve America and the world at large.