What To Do?

My husband decided early this morning that he must drive back to our home town to protect our house there during Hurricane Sandy.  I said, “No way!” and now he’s fuming mad at me.

The thing is, I’m not sure there is much he can do.  If a tree crashes through our roof or a window, and flooding commences, what then?  We don’t have plywood sheets or the tools to secure the house.  “I can use a tarp!” he said, but a tarp isn’t going to hold up in 80mph winds.    “I can call a contractor!” he said.  But any and every contractor is going to have a very, very long waiting list.  A roofer?  Forget it.  “But if I don’t go now, then it will be an extra two days at least before I can get there because we’ll have to deal with the storm’s wake up here, and driving will be difficult.”  That is true. And it may be impossible to get enough gasoline along the route – service stations are already crowded with people filling up before the storm.  Water, flashlights and batteries are already stripped from the stores from Virginia to Massachusetts, as is most non-perishable food – – our son posted a picture of our hometown’s local supermarket on his Facebook page showing the shelves completely bare. They’re closing bridges tonight . . . for who knows how long.

If the damage is going to happen, it’s going to happen, unfortunately.  “I think this is a horrible mistake!” he shouted, “and I only hope to G-d that we won’t have to live with the ramifications of your decision.”

I hope so, too.

Frankly, besides the damage, I am concerned about looters.  But I also don’t feel particularly good about him defending our house solo, even if he’s armed.  The point is, there is no “good” outcome here, and we just have to daven that HaShem will help us and keep our children and grandchildren safe, along with their homes and ours.

It’s really, really tough and scary to not be in control.  And that is what things like this force us to see:  we can’t always be in control, and beyond our basic  human efforts of hishtadlus, we have to daven and leave it up to HaShem.  Do you think I’m being naive or callous or cold-hearted?  Let me know your thoughts.

Let’s hope that terrible times will bring out the best in people, and not the worst.  Now that is something that is in each individual’s power.

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