Autumn Beauty

This view is an easy seven-minute walk from my front door. (click to enlarge)

Even though we missed “peak” foliage season (by the time we got back to Maine after the Jewish holidays, the reds were long gone and now we’re down to a few golds but mostly browns), there is still much beauty all around.  Yesterday I started walking my daily 2-mile loop and for some reason, I decided to turn down a leafy path I had never before visited.  It led to an area that held many surprises:  magnificent mountain views, evidence of summer bear activity, and a rushing offshoot of the Cold Brook River.  Starting next week I will have to wear my blaze orange vest so the hunters won’t mistake me for a deer, but meanwhile, all is quiet and peaceful.  The beauty here never ceases to amaze me and fill me with wonder.  Sometimes, even shifting as little as 3′ provides a completely different perspective and view, which of course is also affected by light patterns, weather, and the seasonal changes.  It’s great to look at the same thing but see something new and different each time.

Enthralled by yesterday’s views, I encouraged my husband to join me the following day, and this time I brought my tripod and 2 lenses so I could get an even more beautiful shot.  Alas, the overnight winds had thinned the trees, and the color of the leaves that were left had greatly faded.  So here’s a little mussar lesson:  there might be another opportunity tomorrow, or the next season, or the next year  . . . but there might not.  We don’t necessarily get second chances.  So appreciate the day that you are given, embrace it, and give thanks to G-d.

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