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Labor Day 2012

From Evergreen Valley in Stoneham, ME. The mountain in the background is Speckled Mountain, the tallest of the White Mts. that is on the Maine side of the border. Our house (not seen) is in the foothills to the right, middle ground. (Click to enlarge)

It really did feel like the last day of summer today.  The nights are cool (in the 40s) but the days are still warm.  We are rapidly losing daylight, and some maple trees are already starting to change color.  HaShem is taking care of creatures large and small.  Now that the wild raspberries and blueberries are gone, beechnuts fall hard to the ground, providing a late bounty and last chance for squirrels and chipmunks to hoard, and for bears to fill their stomachs before they go into hibernation.

Today my husband climbed Speckled Mountain with our friend Peter,  Speckled Mountain is the tallest mountain of the White Mountains on the Maine side of the border.  They climbed up one side to the summit, and then went over and all the way down the other side, where I picked them up with my car.  This is not an easy climb, especially for someone gettin’ up there in years!  I am so proud of him for completing this challenging hike.

While he was gone I walked up the road to Evergreen Valley.  The butterflies and  bees were going crazy foraging, pollinating the goldenrod and other  beautiful late summer wildflowers.  The lilypads in the pond were done blooming, but the irridescent sheen of the pads on the water was dream-like.  It was an amazing day.

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