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Cub Sighting!

Today I went for a long walk with my dog(s).  (We are fostering another dog that is up for adoption, but more on that in a future post).  About a mile from my house I turned left onto Hut Rd, which follows a lovely stream with vernal pools  – –  great natural swimming holes.  (A few years back, when we were building our house but didn’t have water yet, we used to go there to soak and freshen up).  About a hundred feet into Hut Rd., I was noticing a lot of wild blueberry bushes without blueberries.  I thought to myself, “Hmmm, the bears must have eaten them already.”  No sooner had that thought crossed my mind, when about 25′ away I saw a small moving black blob in the shade, in some tall grass.  At first I thought it was my poodle, Spencer, as he and the other dog had run ahead.  But no, there was Spencer – – nowhere near the black furry blob.  And the other dog has a red coat, so it couldn’t be him.  That’s when the light bulb went off in my head:  Bear!

Sure enough, it was eating berries.  It was small –  – the cub couldn’t have been more than six months old.  It was about as wide as a dishwasher and half the height.  It looked like a furry, cuddly, roly-poly black marshmallow.

I would have loved to sit quietly and observe it, but the mother bear was nowhere that I could see.  That meant that the mother bear could theoretically be behind me, and the last thing one wants to do is get between a mother bear and her cub.  So instead of quietly watching the bear cub, I made lots of noise.  The cub sat up, looked at me, and scampered away.  I didn’t have my camera with me, but it wouldn’t have done any good anyhow, since the bear was in deep shade and high grass.  I never did see the mother bear, but undoubtedly she was somewhere close by.

The dogs had been oblivious to this little drama, far more interested in taking drinks from the stream and chasing squirrels.   The rest of the walk was uneventful, and eventually we made our way home on this clear, warm summer day.