Here I am, dressed so the bugs won’t get me.  My husband did about 70% of the work, but I also helped with cutting, weed-whacking, raking and pulling!

As the entire East Coast sizzled from the heat wave, it was warm here (79 F) but only mildly humid  – – in fact, a beautiful day.  As much as I dreaded it, I couldn’t put off brush-clearing any longer.  The heavy May-June rains meant the wild grasses, weeds and brush, poison ivy and thorny raspberry bushes were in some places nose-high, and I was afraid that my apple trees would choke.  Weeds also covered some of our solar panels, which meant we weren’t getting the maximum amount of light possible to energize the batteries that run the house’s electricity.  The black flies, mosquitoes, and deer flies are still with us, however, so despite the warm temperature it meant ensuring my entire body was covered lest I get bitten to pieces.  Besides ankle boots, long sleeves, gloves and a bug net for my head, I wore my husband’s jeans so the bugs couldn’t bite through the heavy denim fabric and my legs would be totally protected.  (Even with all that, I did find a tick embedded above my ankle afterwards).   I was completely mortified to find that my husband’s  jeans fit me perfectly.  Time to start dieting (again).   Sigh.


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