The irony of the “No Dumping” sign is not lost on me. I guess G-d doesn’t read signs.

For the past several weeks we have been in Baltimore, visiting our children and grandchildren.  On Friday night just after 11 pm, we heard strange noises amid constant lightening from what we assumed was a typical summer thunderstorm.  When we looked outside we were amazed to see rain moving horizontally, winds that were bending trees in half, flying debris, and lightening that would light the sky a different color with every flash:  blue, white, yellow, green, orange.  Here is a picture that pretty well shows what it looked like, although it’s not from our particular storm.  We’ve been in two hurricanes but this was worse.  Winds were 80 – 90 mph, and it turns out that this storm was in fact as powerful as a hurricane, but cannot be classified as such due to its much narrower path.  It’s called a derecho.  It didn’t help that the power went out, and as of this writing 3 days later, it remains out.  Normally that might not be such a bad thing, but yesterday it was 98 degrees (105 with heat index, which factors in the high humidity).  All of our children’s homes lost power, too.   Everyone was scrambling to find empty freezers at understanding friends’  whose houses were unaffected by the storm.   We are very grateful that no one was killed in our immediate area, and that everyone is safe and our personal homes and cars were either undamaged or suffered very minor damage.  Others were not so lucky.

Ironically, earlier in the week I had hired someone to trim the lower branches of a tree that was touching our roof. The guy never showed up as promised. Now he doesn’t need to.

fallen tree in backyard

more fallen trees in the woods adjacent to our backyard

This car is now a convertible. It was parked next to the Chabad House on Micarol.  It and a house across the street were ruined, but the Chabad House was untouched.

On Old Court Rd, directly across from Beth Tefiloh Synagoge. Both trees and lines came down.

Old Court Rd.

At Pikesville High School, a tree crashed down onto a fence at the edge of the track. That didn’t stop anyone from jogging there.

PIkesville High School, on Labryinth Rd. at the edge of the parking lot.

On Smith Avenue between Labyrinth Rd. and Carla Rd., a telephone pole was sheared off at the top by high winds. It then came crashing down through the car’s windshield. Two subsequent poles and some trees then fell behind the house. No one was hurt.


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  1. it must have been terrifying. mf la B”H all is well now


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