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As a photographer, I especially appreciate the creativity of those who go beyond the usual parameters of portrait photography to create something truly memorable.  Although this blog-post has nothing to do with living in Maine, sometimes something is so noteworthy it begs to be shared.  Jason Lee, you are a genius!

Lake Photos

Keewaydin Lake (click to enlarge)

I guess my beginner’s luck is over because I caught nary a fish yesterday while kayaking on Keewaydin Lake.  I’m not complaining – – I had the entire lake to myself today and it was perfect weather:  in the 70s, a light breeze so no bugs, plenty of sunshine and deep blue skies.

Spring is definitely here:  with the warm weather, employment abounds for the locals, who act as caretakers of summer homes as they open water lines and flush pipes from the antifreeze they put in right before the onset of winter.  “Winterizing” and “summerizing” vacation homes is a big business for full-time Maine residents, and although local Mainers may sometimes resent the summer people (a passive-aggressive love-hate relationship), they also know they depend on the income generated from property management, food and boat concessions, guided trips, and construction and rentals of cabins, etc. to survive.  More than half the property tax collected in our town is from people who use their homes only in the summer, and without that income the town wouldn’t have the funds for road maintenance, its volunteer rescue squad, etc.

For those fortunate (and rich) enough to have lakeside homes (besides the much higher real estate valuation for shore properties, property taxes are double) docks are moved from the shores and anchored on lakes and ponds.  Car-top carriers are now festooned with kayaks, canoes, and mountain bikes.

I’m enjoying it while I can – – the worst of bug season typically lasts from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day (May through June) and at that point going outside is all but impossible without loads of “bug dope” like Deet and a bug net to protect one’s face from the onslaught of merciless bites, stings, and the resulting interminable itching which can make even the calmest  person go insane.

This elderly couple and their property caretaker install their dock on Kezar Lake. Lakeside properties are owned by "old money," corporate executives, and a few media stars (including author Stephen King), and can run in the millions.