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Am I Really That Old?

I remember as a small child overhearing my parents and grandparents reminisce about the “good old days.”  I was always amazed both by their stories and the cheap prices for anything from ice cream to movies to cars and houses. I also loved hearing about how “you had to do everything by hand.”  I remember wondering if some of their tales could really be true, as I couldn’t imagine life without a washing machine or a school bus or a calculator or a ballpoint pen.

Today two of our grandsons came over for a visit, and we all had a grand time.  After a few hours one of them picked up the phone in the kitchen to call their  father to come and take them home.

This telephone is a corded turquoise “princess” land-line phone from the ’70s (remember those?).  It was given to us by the seller of our house.  I have to say it is better made and will outlast any of today’s newer cordless phones.  In its day it must have been quite revolutionary because it has a touch-tone dial instead of the old rotary dials that were still common then.

My grandson picked up the phone to make the call and seemed paralyzed, just staring at the phone but not dialing.  After awhile the phone started beeping, signifying that it had been off the hook too long without his dialing.

“Uh… how do you make a call on this phone?”  he asked.  “There is no “TALK” button!”

My husband and I had a good laugh!

My grandson asked his father to pick him up, and then once again he was stymied.  “How do I disconnect?”  he asked.  “There is no “OFF” button!