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Moose visit the boggy pond at the bottom of our driveway every Spring, but this year due to Pesach, we were pretty sure we’d miss them.  We returned to our home town a couple of days ago so I’d have adequate time to prepare for the holiday, and by the time we return to Maine they will likely have moved elsewhere.

At the last minute before we left I had the idea to put a webcam that is motion-detection sensitive by the window, thinking that at least we’d see birds by the birdfeeder.   There are dozens of types of birds that inhabit our woods, especially during the warmer months, and we welcome their return in the Spring. (During the winter it’s mostly blue jays, chickadees, woodpeckers, owls, and the occasional cardinal).  Indeed, in the days before we left, the woods were downright noisy with calls from foxes and coyotes, and many types of birds, ducks and geese.

Today at 6 pm the webcam picked up the surprise of our lifetime – a young moose cruising along next to my apple orchard!  Although we’re sorry we missed being there in person, we are extremely thrilled that the moose decided to stop by to say hello.  Although we’ve seen moose hoofprints many times at the bottom of the driveway, this is the first time we’ve seen a moose right next to the house!  Truly an unexpected gift! (Fortunately the wire fence surrounding the orchard kept the moose from eating the tender young shoots on the apple trees.)

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