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Purim Costume Dilemma

I can’t believe I forgot my box of Purim costumes when I traveled from my home town back to Maine!  Now that post-Halloween clearance sales are a thing of the past, the costumes from Walmart are long gone, and the closest Party City is about 1 1/2 hours away.  Although there are thrift shops about an hour away, there’s rarely anything crazy enough to use as a costume:  the standard Maine mode of dress is jeans, turtlenecks and flannel shirts and that’s about as exciting as it gets, used or new.

I suppose I could have tried eBay but with Purim only a week away, I procrastinated too long.   I just got an email from a discount store about 35 minutes away with the following promotion:

I truly hope I don't have to resort to dressing up as a leprechaun, but when you're desperate, rational thinking goes out the window.