Rosh Chodesh Adar

We  returned to Maine this morning at 2 a.m. after our usual 10.5 hour drive from our home town.  After a few hours’ sleep I immediately started planning our Purim celebration.  I posted a query on a Jewish forum in Boston asking for volunteers to come and layn the megilla.  I brought Purim-themed cookie cutters, decorations, shalach manos bags, hamentaschen, megillos and vacuum-packed cold cuts from our home town in preparation for our Purim celebration.  (Yikes!  I just realized I forgot our costumes!  Now I will have to get really creative.  Oy.)  I submitted an ad to the local paper advertising our Purim party.  There is simply no way to predict who will come – if anyone at all.  But I am hoping to continue the momentum, when 27 Jews “hiding” in the woods came for our Chanuka party.

When I spoke to Eric, the person from the newspaper taking my credit card information on the telephone, he said, “Oh, I’ll have to tell my brother-in-law about this!  I’m sure he’d be interested!” (His brother-in-law is Jewish).  Although he was not the person who took my Chanuka ad, he certainly remembered it.  When he sent me a receipt via email, he added the following postscript:

“Thank you for your ad.  It appears that you have found some kindred souls in the wilds of Maine. Eric”

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