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Want Ads

It was not an easy decision but we are staying in Maine for Chanuka.  I feel a bit bad about it, because it’s a nice holiday to celebrate with grandchildren, though our presence is probably not required as much as our presents (phone call from grandson:  “Are you coming back for Chanuka? I remember what you got me last year!”)  I am pretty sure I will be single-handedly responsible for getting the US Postal Office out of its financial woes after sending presents to a dozen grandchildren (and counting, bli ayin hara).

That said, it is a bit of a risk we are taking, giving up Chanuka with our family in hopes of finding more Jews in the woods.  Out of sheer desperation, I swallowed my pride and placed a display ad in a local paper:

I got my first call early this morning.  “Hi, my name is Miriam, and I’m calling about the ad I saw for a Chanuka party in the paper.”  Miriam moved to the area (two villages away from us) about three years ago, and she’s “been looking for something Jewish ever since.”  She told me that she had thought of putting an ad in the paper when she first moved here to find other Jews, but in the end she “lacked the courage . . .but am glad that someone had the guts to do it!”  She told me that she wanted  “to find people to have Torah sessions with.”  She asked if she could bring anything to our party, and I told her I had it covered, plus we keep strictly kosher.  “Well, I don’t keep as strictly kosher as I used to,” she said, “but I do keep separate dishes for milchig and fleischig and eat only glatt kosher meat.”

Needless to say you could have knocked me over with a feather.  And by the way, as of now our Chanuka party guest list  is up to 14 (ken yirbu):  from Sweden ME, Albany ME, Portland ME, Old Orchard Beach ME, Bridgton ME, and even Montreal Quebec.