Jockette Wannabe

Horseshoe Pond, Lovell ME. Our house sits in the mountains furthest in the distance, but due to heavy foliage we can only see a sliver of the lake in winter from our property.

As a frumpy lady in my 50s, I’d hardly qualify as jock material.  But today, I came close.

In the morning we went to Horseshoe Pond in Lovell, ME, which is located about 4 miles as the crow flies from our house.  Although we didn’t catch any fish, it was just gorgeous paddling weather.  The breeze kept the bugs away; the sun shone brightly but never got hotter than 78 degrees; the sky was blue and the mountains green.  We stayed on the water for 4 hours!

A dragonfly visits my kayak. (They don't bite or sting, but they do eat bugs that do!)

Multitasking: my husband fishes with one hand and operates his ham radio with the other

We returned home but after the past two days when temps soared into the 90s, and finally the heat wave broke, I just couldn’t let the day go.  So I drove to Keywadin Lake in Stoneham ME, about 5 miles from my house, for an afternoon swim in the surprisingly warm, magnificently clean fresh water.  I brought along my dog but try as I might, I cannot interest him in swimming.  He’s fine about going into the water, but as soon as he gets deep enough where his feet can’t touch the bottom, he panics and heads for shore.  He does know how to swim, but he just doesn’t like it.  I’ve even tried putting a doggy life vest on him to boost his confidence, but it didn’t help.

Loon on Horseshoe Pond. They dive quite deep for fish, and stay completely immersed under water for up to 90 seconds.

I returned home around 6:30 p.m., but once again, I just couldn’t let the day go.  Through sheer will I stretched the daylight and my energy reserves a little longer.  I hopped on my bike and rode to the Inn up the road, all around Evergreen Valley, past babbling brooks and trout streams, open vistas and mountain views.  It just doesn’t get better than this!  HaShem made our world so beautiful.  I am ever grateful to be able to experience it so intensely.

Feeling very blessed and appreciative that my spouse and I enjoy spending so much time together!


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