Maine Woman Wears the Veil

Now that Spring has sprung, wearing a veil of netting is de rigueur against oncoming hordes of swarming blackflies.  Walmart sells bug-nets for $1.49, and Reny’s, my local discount store, has a fancier version available for $3.99 on sale.  I wear my head net to get to my car, parked right outside my front door; I wear it to hang laundry on my outside clothesline; I wear it to walk the dog.

wearing my bug hat even while hanging laundry

The swarms typically last from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day (mid-May to mid-June) and they aren’t much fun.  The tiny flies surround you by the hundreds, flying into your eyes and, if you’re not careful to keep it closed, your mouth.  Only the females bite, and they are vicious.  I wish I could say there is relief when they leave mid-June, but they are followed by deer flies, no-see-ums (midges), and mosquitoes until August.  That’s one reason moose wade up to their necks in ponds – – it provides relief from biting insects.  If there is anything positive about bugs, it’s that insects bring lots of varieties of birds, who like the bugs . . . for lunch.

Spencer poses in his bug hat. No, I don't really make him wear this (nor was it designed to accommodate Standard Poodle noses)! But whomever comes up with a bug hat designed especially for dogs is going to make a lot of money!


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