To Your Health!

There is a very strong “Green Movement” in Israel today.  In practical terms this means that Israelis are much more health-conscious, and now daintily balance forkfuls of locally raised organic food with one hand at outdoor cafes, while holding their fortieth cigarette of the day with the other.

There is a new upscale health food store chain in Israel that puts Whole Foods to shame.  Not only is “Eden Teva” at least twice the size of the largest Whole Foods in the US, it offers fresher foods, more appealing displays, a greater variety of products . . . the majority of which are  kosher!

A great thing about Eden Teva is that it’s okay – actually, you’re encouraged – to take tastes of any and all of the exotic food, spices, and mixes.  (Too bad they don’t have hand sanitizer by any of the displays. But I tried not to think about that.)

Taking pictures of Eden Teva was quite challenging. The store is so big, with so many departments, I didn’t begin to cover everything.  I missed the cheese bar (incredible variety, lots of goat’s and sheep’s milk cheeses), the packaged foods, the organic meats, the halva bar, cookware displays,  and the wine boutique, to name a few.  The other reason that Your Intrepid Reporter didn’t photograph everything is that I was ejected from the store!  It turns out they weren’t too happy about my picture-taking.  Whether they thought I was a spy from a competing venture, or a wannabe terrorist getting a feel for the layout, I’ll never know, but I was asked, in no uncertain terms, to leave the store along with my camera.  That said, I’m posting the photos I did manage to take, so you can get a feel for the incredible bounty that defines Israel today. (click on photos to enlarge)

Eden Teva in Be'er Sheva

an entire freezer aisle for gluten-free products

A refrigerated section for delicious Israeli yogurts, puddings, milk and other dairy products

an aisle for dried fruits and nuts

more dried fruits and nuts of every possible variety

a savory display of different rice mixes

partial view of the huge produce section

to the right is a sit-down humus bar. To the left are displays that have at least 40 types of olives, and a hundred cheeses.

dried fruit delicacies

the olive oil aisle


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  1. Posted by Rachel on March 16, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    Haha I should print these and bring them to the store! You forgot to mention how darn expensive this store is!!! I went yesterday for the first time since you were here…yum!


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