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We’ve been in Maine for 2 months now.  My husband left last night for our home town, because it’s his father’s yarzheit and he wanted to daven and say kaddish with a minyan.  After mincha/maariv, he came to our home, had dinner and went to bed, rising early to go to shul Monday morning.  He found that the heating system in our house was not working!  So he called a repairman, and told the fellow to call when he’s on his way, because meanwhile my husband was working from our son’s house, a mile away.


The burglar tore and threw out our bedroom curtain, which was originally sewn by my mother-in-law a'h (click to enlarge)

When my husband got to our house to meet the heating repairman, he had quite a surprise: sometime in the past 3 hours someone had broken in, ransacked and burglarized our house.

Point of entry: basement bedroom window. Broken glass is everywhere, inside and out. (click to enlarge)

They actually entered via our basement bedroom window, breaking the glass, and then they tore the window frame off the wall as well!

every drawer emptied (click to enlarge)

They proceeded to methodically go through every room in the house, emptying every single drawer, cabinet, cupboard and closet.  Every mattress was upended.

The wood cornice top of the antique bookcase, thrown to the floor (click to enlarge)

it feels really icky when someone paws through your underclothing (click to enlarge)

The burglar even took apart the top of our bookcase in the dining room.  It was a horrendous mess!

He stripped the sheets to look for loot (click to enlarge)

At this point the cleanup is so involved, we are not really sure what is missing – we won’t know until we can start putting things away.  Someone is coming late today to board up the window until a new one can be ordered and replaced.

Needless to say, this is quite traumatic.  We are VERY blessed that my husband wasn’t home because a confrontation could have been fatal.  Right now I am very unhappy about the prospect of returning to my home town. I am also very sorry that it is my husband who has to deal with the mess, the clean-up, and the trauma and violation of it all, alone. The plan was that I would remain in Maine until just before Chanuka.

The police found only gloved fingerprints, which are useless for tracing purposes, although they were able to see that it was the same glove so it was a one-man job.

A spare bedroom with mattress upended (click to enlarge)



May this be a giant kapora for us, and may the evil person who perpetrated this crime rot in hell!