Freeze Alarm

We just ordered a freeze alarm from a company in Minnesota, where they know a lot about freezing!

Since we can’t be at our house in Maine 24/7, a freeze alarm helps monitor the interior temperature of the house while we’re back in our home town.  We will be leaving the heat on in the house while we’re away, with the thermostat set to around 50 degrees.  Because the house is so well insulated, the amount of propane used to heat the house should be minimal.  If our heating system fails and the temperature falls below 45 degrees, the freeze alarm notifies up to 3 phone numbers and dials them automatically, letting the recipients know that there is a problem.

Besides calling us in our home town or to our cell phone, the freeze alarm will call our heating guy, Pete, who has a key to our house.  A “no heat” call is taken seriously by heating technicians in Maine.  If the pipes freeze and burst, the house is flooded and mold and mildew take over.  Many seasonal home owners come back to their cabins in Maine in the summer to find them uninhabitable due to the effects of burst pipes, and repairs are in the tens of thousands of dollars.

The freeze alarm ensures that we will hopefully never face this scenario.  The cost is $135 on, and while it’s a lot of money, in the long run it’s cheap insurance.


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