Autumn: Black Cap Trail

The view from the top of Black Cap Mountain (click on all photos for enlarged versions)

During the first weeks of fall I was running around like a crazy person in all sorts of weather, at all hours of daylight, taking pictures.  I knew that the natural world was changing literally before my eyes, and what I captured today would otherwise be lost tomorrow . . . until the following year, when this glory would replay.  (No guarantees that I’d be around to record it next year, though.  I’m not being morbid: most years the peak colors occur during the High Holidays, when I’m not in the White Mountains to photograph them.)

Autumn is certainly a metaphor for life, especially when you are middle-aged.  It’s an ebbing, but with a last hurrah before winter sets in.  It’s fleeting – so carpe diem!

The start of Black Cap Trail

Black Cap Trail is one of my favorite “easy” short hikes in the White Mountains.  Yes, there are steep parts – it’s a climb to a mountaintop, after all – – but it’s definitely rated “G”:  anyone can do it.

I once saw a 94 year old woman make the climb to the top, albeit slowly!  It’s not a long hike, and it’s even suitable for parents with babies on their backs. Small children hike it with a great sense of accomplishment.  The views, as you will see, are fantastic.

Looking from the top of Black Cap Mountain into New Hampshire

Black Cap Trail is located off of Hurricane Mountain Road in Intervale, New Hampshire.  Hurricane Mt. Rd. is a connector road to Evans Notch that is open to vehicles only in the summer through early fall; it’s simply too narrow and steep to maintain safely for winter driving.

A little rain didn't stop us

Once you reach the summit of Black Cap Mountain, you can continue walking to the Maine border and beyond.

I couldn't believe it when I saw a biker making the climb!


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